Robbie’s Resume

Robbie’s Resume


Below is my resume for your review. FACT: “Nobody does real estate better than me!” “Nobody’s been doing it longer than me!” After four decades of health, wealth, and goodwill, I’d like to first thank all of my loyal tenants, investors, partners, bankers, vendors, subcontractors, and employees in addition to the many contacts I’ve developed throughout the years that made my run possible!

Robbie’s Rules: #1. Know “who” you’re investing with!
#2. Know “what” you’re investing in!

#1 Who Starting out young I bought my first property at only 18 years old an efficiency condo in Baltimore Maryland (I paid only $14,000 for then reselling it 8 weeks later for $28,000! Today owning hundreds of properties all across the country many worth two or three times what I originally paid for them! Below are just a few for your review!

After moving to South Florida in 1990, I owned and managed all these properties in the picture below that took me about five years to accumulate (amounting to a $20 million dollar portfolio)! After selling off many of these properties (1998) for millions of dollars in cash profits! THE BEST THING THAT I EVER DID WAS TO HOLD ON TO THE GOOD ONES! (The lucrative equity-rich high cash-flowing properties with good tenants!) Owning and managing these select properties afforded me the luxury of being able to take a ten-year hiatus from conducting any kind of business all while collecting rents every month like clockwork! In addition to the rental income I was receiving every month, most of my properties went up in value at least 5% annually year after year after year!

In 2014 I was aggressively back in the game again! The only difference being instead of buying condos and apartment buildings this time I bought hundreds of “single-family” foreclosure properties directly from banks paying as little as $0.20 on the dollar for many of them that I still own and rent to this day! NOTE: Most of these properties have tripled in value since the day I bought them (2014-2020). Today these properties are actually worth 15% to 20% more than the chart below shows! In addition, today’s rents are also 15% to 20% higher!

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#2 What! I offer the greatest business opportunity hands down! You get to come in as my partner with no work involved whatsoever! This is the most lucrative real estate partnership opportunity you will ever come across! Where else can you make 50k, 100k, 200k a year or more without doing any work whatsoever? You simply invest specifically in properties I own and manage and do nothing else! In short… I find them, I fix them, I manage them, and I sell or refinance them! You simply sit back and share in the lucrative profits and tax benefits from being an owner / investing partner in my equity rich, income-producing properties deal after deal for as long as you like!

In addition to the real estate business… I’m also in the “people business”! In fact, I consider myself a “relationship expert”. A lot of my ongoing success has been from developing long term relationships with both my tenants and “qualified individuals” who partner with me property after property… year after year! Note: I am very proud to say that I have made a few people wealthy across this country many who reinvest and partner with me still to this very day! Here are just a few more properties for your review.
(Note: The properties shown below are just a few I’ve bought, sold, or still own and rent to this day! Everything from apartment homes, single-family, duplex, commercial, warehouse, new construction, etc. You name it I do it!)

NOTE: A lot of properties I own may not be the best-looking properties, nor are they located in the best areas either. Because of this I’m often referred to as a slumlord and I’m actually ok with that! One thing is for sure, these ugly properties in the not so desirable areas of town sure do bring the greatest returns! While most institutional investors are happy with a 10% return most of my properties bring 30% – 50% to even 100% returns in just 3 to 5 years or less! Remember this…if nothing else,
a slumlord is still a lord.”

Note: I rarely sell my good rental properties that have good tenants. I much prefer to hold on to them and collect rent year after year, but when I do sell one…below are a few typical transactions for your review!

I am also one of the very few real estate internet personalities that can produce closing statements, canceled checks, copies of deeds, leases, direct rent deposit receipts, and paid tax bills for any property I own and manage! While this may sound impressive, I built my net worth from owning and managing good rental properties that I hold in my portfolio for at least 5-7 years, and some even longer than 10 years! Note: Net worth is measured in what you own, less what you owe!

Checks: Over the last 40 years, I’ve deposited tens of millions of dollars in checks from either selling properties or refinancing them! These are just a few for your review!
Rent Payments: It used to be people paid by check…then people would deposit their rent directly into my account by going to the bank. Today, many tenants have Zelle on their phone and simply press a button sending rent electronically in seconds. Technology has come a long way!

My business plan is pretty simple! I BUY AND SELL PROPERTIES TO GENERATE A LIVING! I BUY AND RENT PROPERTIES TO ACCUMULATE A FORTUNE! I’m basically spinning two wheels at the same time. This old-fashioned formula has been around for hundreds of years and is responsible for creating fortunes for most of the world’s wealthiest investors. In short, “real estate makes millionaires”, but only the right kind of real estate, purchased for the right price and terms, managed efficiently by savvy and intelligent property owners will succeed! All others will fail miserably and lose their shirts (go broke)!

If there is one claim that I can make, it’s that I have never had to work for anyone my entire adult life other than a few minuscule jobs right out of high school that lasted just a few months, mainly because I learned at an early age how to put my money to work for me… so I didn’t have to spend the rest of my life working for my money! In addition to accumulating a multi-million dollar real estate fortune spanning halfway across the country with properties owned and managed in multiple cities, I don’t look or act like your typical millionaire.

If you saw me, you would think, at first sight, that I’m just a regular guy who works a regular job (and believe me, I prefer it to remain this way). Although the truth is, if need be, I can write a check at any time without demand to buy almost anything I need or want, and that’s mainly because of a combination of #1 how I choose to live and #2 what I do for a living which is owning and managing real estate! The fact is, real estate today is still the most lucrative entity in which someone can safely and securely invest their money and get rich with very limited risk! Combine that with living a lifestyle based on saving money every which way possible and you get a formula for long-term financial success!

Question: If everything you bought was worth twice what you paid for it (car, boat, appliances, your house, furniture, etc.), wouldn’t you double your money every time you bought something?

Answer: Of course you would! In fact, you would actually get rich by just buying things (as long as everything you buy is worth double what you paid). The number one reason most Americans are flat broke is because they violate this one basic elementary rule for wealth! See Robbie’s value purchase ledger, click here now!

(That rule being…buy things that are worth more than you pay not pay more for what something is worth!) Defying this simple rule of economics is the absolute sole reason most Americans have a negative net worth! You won’t find many millionaires defying this simple rule! But you will find plenty of broke people who do!

So there you have it. Real estate investors do one of two things: they either buy a $100,000 house for $50,000, doubling their money in one day the day they buy, or they build new construction on an existing vacant lot accruing equity upon completion of the project anywhere from 30-50% give or take. In short, as long as what you’re buying or building is worth substantially more than what you’re paying, you only have one outcome: you make money!

If you would like to see how you can invest as my partner in new properties I’m building or existing properties I’m rehabbing, simply click on the banner ad link, fill out your information, and call me to set up an appointment!

Robert Louis Annenberg

by the way now you have my story…I’ll be waiting to hear yours?

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If you feel the need to obtain more information, simply listen to one of my pre-recorded live call-in real estate radio shows, by clicking on the link.

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