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Beautiful Boy (Movie)

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Here’s a movie that tells a story of what I call upper class addiction. The main character was a teenager from a well-to-do family. He lived in a beautiful home, was able to go to college but turned into a crystal meth addict that not only derailed his life for a good ten years but also took a toll on his family members.

He had a loving father who could only sit and watch his drug addicted son completely spiral into a hardcore daily addict. It’s kind of one of these movies that you have to see It’s hard to explain. I did enjoy it. The acting and the photography was good. It’s filmed outside of San Fransisco in the rolling hills. mostly though, the message and the script of the movie were okay. There wasn’t a lot of drug use in the movie to see. You were really just following the story of an addicts life.

They didn’t really detail the actual drug use itself and all the other crazy behavior that goes with it. Ironically, the movie does show the main character at some point getting clean, going to Narcotics Anonymous meetings, other various rehab facilities, only to relapse multiple times starting the entire cycle of addiction all over again. In general this movie was educational, entertaining, and provocative. Although it really wasn’t boring, I kind of took to the character played by Steve Carrell, the father of the addicted kid. I could really feel for him. After seeing the movie, many people wished they had a dad who cared for them as much as he cared for his son in this movie. Anybody struggling with addiction should see this movie or any family members who have anyone in their immediate family should also see this movie. in short, I liked it, but my sick and demented mind was waiting for X-rated debauchery that goes with crystal meth use. Basically I’m telling you there’s not a lot of sex in this movie. Although, it was based on a true story about a real life family who went through all this hell to eventually come out the other end with a happy ending.

I think the worst thing that I saw was the kid breaks into his own house after he’s been kicked out and steals a few things so he can sell and get some money for his next fix. Kind of a cliché and not really too out of the ordinary.

So looking at the movie as an educational tool, I give it a solid 8, looking at the movie as entertainment, I give it a 7.

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