#6 Health, Wealth, and LifeQuestLiving Freedom is a double edge sword

Freedom is a double edge sword

Freedom is a double edge sword.

If people only knew the damage to ones life that true freedom can cause to a weak minded person, they would be astounded! Just imagine all the trouble you could get into if you had enough money to pay all your bills, eat out often, drive the car you want, etc. All without having to work? That’s where the debauchery comes in with the weak minded person! And I’m giving this to you firsthand because I was about as weak minded as they come.

My background really dictated my future as it does to so many.
Finally in my late 50’s today, did I really get a grasp on life, success, and money management. I was finally able to focus after all these years. Go figure! Better late then never!

So below are a a few ideas I found long ago (but never followed) that just may be of help to you!

Remember, any kind of addiction is really a form of mental illness! And unlike a physical illness where others can see and judge your healing and success, it not so with addiction. Only you can see and reap the rewards of being clean and sober! Most importantly, it takes time. True mental illness and addiction will take years to overcome due to the years of mental and physical abuse the body had been subjected to!

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Robert Annenberg
Robert Annenberg
Robert Louis Annenberg Is a 40 year seasoned property owner, manager, investor, builder/developer and business man who is also an author of five published books to date (Amazon.com) and the chief editor of LifeQuestJournal.com. He can be reached at: Info@RobertAnnenberg.com and (201) 289-2500.