#16 Celebrity Gossip & Celebrity Real Estate TEKASHI69 PLEADS NOT GUILTY … STILL NO BAIL


tekashi69_life quest livingTekashi69‘s got a date with the judge — he got a trial date in court Monday morning after he entered a plea in his federal racketeering case.

The rapper — who has been behind bars since Nov. 18 — was in court, where he entered a not guilty plea. The judge set his trial date for September 4. That’s a long way off and, at least for now, it seems 6ix9ine will remain behind bars for much of that period … if not all of it.

The issue of bail was not addressed in court. As we reported, his attorney, Lance Lazzaro, plans to apply for bail directly to the trial judge. Tekashi was denied bail when Lazzaro offered to pay $750k, surrender his passport and remain on house arrest.

TMZ broke the story … Tekashi and 2 former associates, including his manager, Shottie, were arrested by federal agents on racketeering and other serious charges. According to his indictment, obtained by TMZ, Tekashi and his crew conspired to commit a slew of crimes, including drug deals, armed robberies and shootings.

The feds believe Tekashi himself pulled an armed robbery on April 3 along with his ex-manager, Shottie, and 2 other members of the Nine Trey Bloods.

The indictment also mentions the April 21 shooting incident at Barclays Center in Brooklyn … and fingers Fuguan Lovick as the trigger man. In all, the indictment lists 17 counts dating back to 2013.

As we first reported … Tekashi was moved to a new detention center just in time for Thanksgiving … and, so far, he’s having a rough time of it there.


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For starters, what deranged degenerate goes before a judge with more tattoos on his face than Tommy Lee has on his torso? I guess this mentally backwards joke! I mean this clown has a rap sheet a mile long! And he sure as hell doesn’t look like “Leave It To Beaver” or Donny Osmond for that matter! The guy looks like a stone cold hood from the ‘hood. Without even digging into the story I’d give the guy ten years minimum, mandatory just for being so ugly! I mean, everyone deserves their day in court. But, here I would apply my 60-second rule: I can look at someone’s ugly face and in 60 seconds tell everything I need to know about them. In this case, I did it in 5 seconds! Anyone who knows me, knows I’m no angel. I’ve been around the block multiple times but for all the crazy things I did, I was never violent, never owned a gun, never even held one! Except in summer camp, maybe a rifle or something. These deranged losers think it’s ok to shoot people up and be involved in gang activity. I think that went out a long time ago. An intelligent person knows that you can’t be in a gang these days and not end up in jail. Which is exactly what happened to this moron. My advice to his is to get a job in the kitchen. That way he can steal an extra chicken leg on Friday nights. And by the way, I know what you’re thinking. I doubt anyone’s going to rape this guy in prison. At least not with the lights on. And there you have my take on this nonsense. Any comments? Bring ’em on!

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