#16 Celebrity Gossip & Celebrity Real Estate This wild Bay Area mansion where Metallica drummer lived sold for $10.3...

This wild Bay Area mansion where Metallica drummer lived sold for $10.3 million

The Bay Area mansion where heavy metal rocker Lars Ulrich of Metallica lived has sold for $10.3 million, according to SFGate.

A rock star’s estate with unobstructed views of nearly every landmark in the Bay Area was listed for at $12 million. Records show Tiburon home was once owned by Lars Ulrich of Metallica, but the broker said it’s the estate of an “anonymous rockstar.”

The hilltop Tiburon property was listed last year for $12 million as a “pocket listing,” the Sacramento Bee reported, which means it wasn’t broadly advertised or listed on MLS.

The estate at 11 Place Moulin was once owned by the Ulrich, a drummer, and then put into a trust, according to Marin County public records and Forbes magazine.

By David Caraccio The Sacramento Bee

Robbie’s Rant

After all these years maybe for once in my life, I was dead wrong!

Can you believe it “me wrong?”

Doesn’t make sense… I thought the drummer of Metallica was a pint-size peon who couldn’t keep a beat except when he’s jerking off to Justin briber records … boy was I wrong on this one. I must say I’m very impressed with his house it’s an amazing piece of real estate for sure!

And with the original listing being at 12 million he got over 10 million when he sold it. Off the record, he probably paid a lot less and Ike most smart and savvy people who own real estate made a good profit by doing so!

The lesson here even though I wasn’t the biggest Metallica fan and they were a far cry from the Jones brothers in the looks department they put out a great product to there Followers and the end result was a pure success!

Great job to the Metallica drummer

But if the drummer’s house is this amazing the lead singer must live in a castle!

Goes to show you even drummers can get rich and stay wealthy by doing just a few basic things that Smart intelligent everyday people also do!

1, work hard and smart

2, invest wisely

3, buy low sell high

Repeat steps 1-3 over and over again

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