#4 Real Estate Making Money with Ugly Ass Properties

    Making Money with Ugly Ass Properties

    Over the years, I have amassed a large amount of ugly ass properties!
    (I’m not proud of this, it’s just who I am and what I do).
    I like to refer to myself as the skunk of real estate because I honestly do buy a lot of junk houses that smell.

    Although many don’t look so good from the outside…rest assured,
    they all make money month after month and year after year!

    With that said, I do have some rules that I follow as far as managing these properties and buying new ones. I’d like to share with you today what allows me to continue this enterprise of over 35 years!

    Note: In the rental business, it’s the tenants who make you rich, and not the property!

    With this said, I will be offering a property or two here and there for my readers to invest in as my partner (see opportunities in the LifeQuest Journal)


    About The Author

    Robert Annenberg
    Robert Annenberg
    Robert Louis Annenberg Is a 40 year seasoned property owner, manager, investor, builder/developer and business man who is also an author of five published books to date (Amazon.com) and the chief editor of LifeQuestJournal.com. He can be reached at: Info@RobertAnnenberg.com and (201) 289-2500.