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#1 Greetings

From the Offices of…

Robert Louis Annenberg…

Hello everyone… I know it’s been a while… After a two-year absence from all social media marketing, (of which during that time, I’ve been buying, selling, building, developing and acquiring millions of dollars in income-producing properties all across the country, many of which I still own and manage today!)


“These days, the last thing people want is their inbox bombarded with nonsense from idiots trying to sell them senseless or useless information like training, hope or motivation of some sort.”

It seems today everybody’s a “Real Estate expert,” emailing properties for sale (that most of them don’t even own or if they do, they have no equity whatsoever!)

Some of these “self proclaimed gurus” only want to motivate and uplift you because truthfully that’s all they can do (since many don’t own any properties whatsoever)… not so much the case with me! I’m actually only in the business of owning and managing my own real estate! It’s that simple. Although I do own numerous properties in partnership with investors, both institutional and high net worth individuals, for smaller properties, like single family homes, duplexes, etc, I also partner with every day people who qualify by way of credit score and capital contribution! Thus, allowing us both to create cash flow, equity, and enjoy tax benefits together as one entity!

Over the years, my inbox has been absolutely bombarded with real estate clubs, real estate education courses, (now they even have a real estate MLM). There are even people teaching real estate courses that have never bought a property in their life! In addition, there are people paying $10,000 to $30,000 or more for real estate education that most likely they’re never going to use. If they were intelligent, they could get all the education they need for one small monthly fee right here on this website!

As a published author of 4 books (with more to come), it’s no secret that I like to write! This is good for me and good for you! Because of this, I decided to go ahead and publish my very own online newspaper, LifeQuestJournal.comNow you can follow my thoughts, opinions, lessons, advice, and opportunities simply by reading my journal. Along with adding your comments and feedback on any one of the news articles published. (Feel free to comment and express your input as provided in the comment section and together we can share thoughts and reasonings to much of the world’s news and current events!) Or if an opportunity I’m offering interests you, simply reach out and we can proceed further, all without any pressure or high powered sales tactics! Just a simple conversation “of facts” between the two of us! Now that you’ve made it this far, you may be wondering why a successful real estate builder, developer, investor, landlord, would want to share his trade secrets, methodologies and daily business tips with the world? Answer: After all my years in business, it’s mostly been about me, myself and I. Now, I feel is the perfect time for me to start giving back! Here’s the deal: You help me just a “little bit” sharing the Life Quest Journal with people you know, in return, I’ll help you a “whole lot” by continuing to bring you the best in entertainment commentary along with financial self help tips, money management and wealth building lessons via my podcasts, radio shows, videos, and print material that just may improve your life in more ways than you can imagine. The way I see it, we’re both helping each other. It’s a win-win! All you do is simply click the “share” button and I give you complete access to all my media for merely a dollar a day! It cannot get any better than that? Answer: no it can’t! So go ahead and click “share” now and get started right away!

I’m here to help, if possible! Note: With Each issue I’ll deliver to you the best of the news for that time period! (Exciting, entertaining, moving, shocking, educating, sometimes horrifying stories) that either I published or just simply read and felt there’s some worthiness to share with my online community and comment on! To all my real estate fans, investors, partners, bankers, tenants, etc, Don’t Worry…I’m not quitting my day job just yet! 

 life quest journal-real estate news.JPGWith that said, being an old fashioned landlord and property developer, most of my business is acquiring income producing real estate assets and managing them efficiently, often holding onto properties for years or buying subdivided building lots for new construction of single family homes, apartments, or commercial development! Once in a while, I do sell investment properties. When I do, they’re very lucrative opportunities! Mainly because I’ve purchased them so cheap! Therefore, I can sell them cheap to the next investor! (Simply click on my banner ad below to see just a small handful of the lucrative properties I purchased that today are all fully rented and bringing in an average of 20% to 30% ROI on rental income alone along with increasing in value 200%-300% all in the last few years alone 2014-2019!)

Most importantly, a lot of properties I buy I actually pay no more than $.20-$.30 on the dollar! Some of these properties cost me less than what a lot of people are paying for real estate courses alone! How funny! Remember, I’ve only been doing this for 35+ years! 

I am always looking for qualified partners for my up and coming acquisitions. As many of you know, I rarely use bank mortgages and I pay all cash for many of my lower-end properties! Then, I fix them up cheap and rent them out to good people, possibly selling them 3 to 5 years down the road! That’s my formula! What else can I say?  This simple formula shown below is single handedly responsible for creating more millionaires and billionaires worldwide than any other business entity!

life quest journal

If you would like to see how you could partner or invest with me in any of our properties, remember, you’re walking right into equity and right into cash flow! I’ve done all the work already! There’s no management whatsoever! You simply get a check every month! This is probably the best way for you to put your money to work safely and securely and of course reap the highest rate of return!

For qualified investors: you can now get involved in the lucrative and exciting business of real estate, buying, rehabbing and owning properties by the dozen or developing and building new properties! Simply pick up the phone and give me a call! Let’s see how we can work together for maximum returns!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you! Simply click on the banner and fill out your information and either I’ll call you back or you can call me. In the meantime, I’ll be doing the same thing I’ve been doing for 35 years. Pretty old-fashioned, pretty simple. Buying, selling, building, developing, investing, designing, and managing my own properties nationwide. “It’s what I do”. Don’t forget to click the “like” and “share” button! That’s all you have to do! Leave the rest up to me!

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About The Author

Robert Annenberg
Robert Annenberg
Robert Louis Annenberg Is a 40 year seasoned property owner, manager, investor, builder/developer and business man who is also an author of five published books to date (Amazon.com) and the chief editor of LifeQuestJournal.com. He can be reached at: Info@RobertAnnenberg.com and (201) 289-2500.