#5 Automobiles 1986 TVR 280 i

1986 TVR 280 i

1986 Tvr 280 I

Just a few years ago, (2015) I was fortunate to pick up a like-new condition British TVR 280 i on Ebay. I actually bought this beauty for around $5,000. Me being a sports car collec1986 Tvr 280 Itor, I was impressed with the interior and overall styling of this automobile! The dashboard is all real wood and the interior was real leather. It felt like you were driving a Bentley when you sat in the oversized bucket seats and stared at the gauges as you cruised down the street. This car was hand built by the TVR factory in England. Best of all, I drove the car for about 6 months and sold it on Ebay to someone else for $8,000! Note: A low mileage TVR in mint condition can sell for over $20,000! I was happy to get $8,000. Remember, I only paid $5,000! And don’t forget, I got to drive this beauty. That was the best part of the whole deal! Not all the 1986 Tvr 280 Icars I buy and sell are collectable, or even classics like the TVR. So, being able to drive this beauty was the icing on the cake. I’m actively looking for another one. They’re just so cool.

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