#12 People Stories Former Atlanta Officer Is Charged With Murder in Shooting of Rayshard Brooks

Former Atlanta Officer Is Charged With Murder in Shooting of Rayshard Brooks

Former Atlanta Officer Is Charged With Murder in Shooting of Rayshard Brooks commentary by Robert Louis Annenberg.

This is a great, great story. Because up until the sheriff came out and told his story on CNN about the Brook shooting, my head was spinning. I mean, I knew that this officer had every right to do what he was doing. He’s a policeman wearing a badge. He has to protect his own life. He has a family to go home to. There is a man drunk, hunched over asleep at the wheel of a car, that’s a crime right there. That’s a felony, that’s called a DUI. Then that very man stepped out of the car for processing, I guess on the DUI charge, and the police couldn’t have been any nicer. I watched the whole tape. I couldn’t believe, nobody was that nice to me when I got pulled over for speeding ticket. The police were just very nice to this guy.

Next thing you know, they’re handcuffing him on a simple charge of DUI. He would have been out of jail the next day. Well, he resisted that arrest. That’s another charge. And he resisted that arrest with violence and was beating up two cops or they were all fighting. Then he takes a weapon from police officer, a stun gun, and as he’s running away, he turns and fires, so the cop fired back. Now a lot of people say, “Oh, well, it’s just a stun gun.” Well, why did he turn and fire? He had the gun and he was running from the cops, he could’ve kept running. So why did he turn and fire? There was a lot of crimes committed by this guy.

Now, I don’t know if this makes a difference, but I’m going to put it out there. Supposedly he was out on probation for a sentence of some other kind of violent act. I’m not a hundred percent sure, it’s just something for you to investigate as the readers. I only give my scoop on the story. I don’t do a whole lot of research. I’m a factual guy. I go based on what I see and what I hear. And in this case, it’s so interesting because the sheriff is actually black, so how could it be a race thing? Because the black sheriff is coming out saying that the black criminal, which I guess that’s what he is, Brooks, his killing was justified. And my take is that very same thing, how could it not be? Can me and you beat up a cop, take his stun gun, run down the street, turn and fire at him, oh, all while being drunk at the wheel of a car? I mean drunk at the wheel of a car alone is a violent crime.

Don’t you remember all the mothers who petitioned to get MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving. I mean, you kill people every day, people die from someone that’s drunk behind the wheel. This guy failed the breathalyzer test. He was asleep in the drive in blocking traffic at a private business. So there was so many things he did, but here’s what he should have done. Simply not resisted arrest, go to jail, bond out the next day and he’d be back home with his family. So he wasn’t thinking too clearly, but then again, he was drunk and many people don’t think too clearly when they’re drunk. That’s why they’re dangerous to me and you when they’re behind the wheel.

Former Atlanta Officer Is Charged With Murder in Shooting of Rayshard Brooks was originally published on the New York Times.

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