#16 Celebrity Gossip & Celebrity Real Estate KISS Plans Rock & Brews Casino Resort On Former Margaritaville Property

KISS Plans Rock & Brews Casino Resort On Former Margaritaville Property

Kiss‘s Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are planning to expand their Rock & Brews restaurant brand with an accompanying casino complex of the same name.

The complex will be developed at a previously existing site in Biloxi, Mississippi, where Jimmy Buffett‘s Margaritaville brand operated a casino as recently as 2014.

Kiss’s plans include a 3,000-capacity live concert venue, a 300-room hotel and a casino with 1,000 slot machines. The project is expected to cost about $200 million to complete.

RAM Group developer Tom Moore tells Casino.org that the Rock & Brews casino will offer an immersive rock and roll atmosphere and a generally “different experience” from most other casinos.

He says his group and Kiss “fell in love with the culture” in Biloxi after looking at the site, and locals are excited at the potential for a renaissance in their hometown. The planned Kiss casino dovetails with efforts by the mayor to build boardwalks in the same area. Moore and Kiss want the boardwalk to wrap around their casino.

Approval for the site has been granted and a casino license is being processed by state regulators.

If the Rock & Brews casino project comes to fruition, it may have some healthy competition in the local marketplace. Reports indicate there are at least three other proposed casino sites in southern Mississippi.

By Andrew Magnotta, iHeart Radio

Jimmy Buffet could be the wealthiest rock star on the planet right now. He’s building a billion dollar plus resort development in Orlando. In addition, he’s built 5 or 6 billion dollar casinos all arouond the country. He makes Kiss look like a bunch of kids selling lemonade, and their deal is probably a multi-million dollar deal.
Jimmy Buffet is no dummy. He’s simply a real estate investor on steriods. He builds and develops his own casinos and resort properties, and then sells them for millions of dollars in profit. Simply repeating the process over and over again.

He’s doing the same thing small real estate mom and pop investors do just with bigger numbers. The foundation and theory is all the same. Simply take a look at the diagram below. I can see nothing he’s doing that is not on the diagram itself.

Question: Why is it that wealthy, multi-millionaire rock stars invest in real estate?

Answer: To get richer. Plain and simple!

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