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    Real Estate Info #1

    After 40 years of being in the real estate business, not as a realtor or broker, because I don’t even have a license. I’d like to consider myself an owner, manager. Plan and simple. In short, I buy all my own properties and self manage them. Below I’ve put together a short, 4-step diagram of what I do in order of importance. As simple as it seems, this 4-step program so few people can actually pull it off. There’s a lot of subcategories that are an intricate part of the equation. Many of these subcategories not mentioned here are based on experience, education, capitalization, just to name a few.

    In short, it’s much easier to invest and partner with a professional, like myself, than to even consider going out on your own and attempting to duplicate the 4-step program. What you don’t see in this 4-step program is the reality of it. Example: Purchase distressed property substantially below market value. A. You need a lot of money to purchase property and B. You need a lot of knowledge to even know where to find such properties and C. You need to be a construction expert on top of A and B. Now this is just 3 things (A, B, C) related to Step 1. In truth, there’s probably 5 or 10 more things you have to know or do in order to get the end result which is either a stabilized property bringing you a steady monthly return, or a finished product ready to be resold for a nice profit. Whichever you choose, it’s a process. And very few people can do it. Although, the ones who can do it are usually very rich from doing it. I rarely meet poor people that own property.

    I see too many people today losing their life savings on a bad real estate deal all because they were basically brain dead from the start. They technically lost their money the very first day they invested. They got wiped out before they ever really got a chance simply by paying too much or maybe underestimating the construction budget just to name a few issues that could take somebody to poor house quite quickly. In short, real estate is a big boys game. It’s not buying and selling cars or running an online Amazon store. You can take a big loss in real estate. In addition to losing a lot of money, you can tarnish your credit for 7 to 10 years just doing something stupid. Hopefully you won’t be stupid. The way i see it, only stupid people do stupid things. That’s why they’re stupid.

    The smart people don’t make the kind of mistakes the stupid do. That’s why they’re smart people. If you’re reading this right now, you’re better off partnering and investing with an expert and own property jointly which greatly reduces your downside risk and also increases your upside return. That, I’ll explain in detail later on. I can always be reached at the number below for investors who would like to talk with me personally about any of my up and coming projects.


    Robert Annenberg

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    Robert Annenberg
    Robert Annenberg
    Robert Louis Annenberg Is a 40 year seasoned property owner, manager, investor, builder/developer and business man who is also an author of five published books to date (Amazon.com) and the chief editor of LifeQuestJournal.com. He can be reached at: Info@RobertAnnenberg.com and (201) 289-2500.