Cesar A. Sayoc, the suspected bomber in a domestic terrorism plot targeting high-level politicians, worked as an exotic dancer for years and even threatened to kill and infect other dancers with HIV … TMZ has learned.

As you can see from the photos … Cesar worked as an exotic dancer from 1996-2000.

We’re told Cesar’s time as a stripper was tumultuous … on several occasions, he threatened other dancers and was constantly jealous of colleagues who were making more money than him or diminishing his presence on stage.

According to dancers who worked with him … Cesar once threatened to stab another dancer with a syringe loaded with HIV-infected blood.

We’re told Cesar once got so jealous of a rival dancer, he taped tuna can lids to the bottom of his boots and threatened to stomp the dancer’s face and cut him up. When people laughed at him, he became enraged and said, “Just wait. I’m going to take this guy out.”

It’s interesting … Cesar traveled the country in a van during his stripping days, and Friday he was busted in a van covered with stickers threatening Hillary Clinton and CNN personalities. He also made multiple violent threats against TMZ on social media.

Even more disturbing … we’ve obtained video of Cesar wiring accessories he used to light up stripper’s costumes during his time with Gold Productions.

Remember, the devices mailed to Barack Obama, the Clintons and others appeared to be pipe bombs. It’s clear Cesar knew his way around electronics.

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Commentary from Our Chief Editor (Robbie’s Rant)

I’ve said once, I’ll say it a thousand times. Most of your violent crime is perpetrated by deranged, delusional, degenerates! I would think the subject in the above article touches on all three of these categories with ease! How many Harvard graduates do you see sending bombs in the mail to people? Not too many. Although this is a clear case of society’s dysfunctional underbelly who in this case was supporting himself as a male stripper (Lovely). I can only imagine the kind of person who works as a male stripper? Answer: The guy in this article. Now, in defense of the accused, he most likely came from a very poor dysfunctional family. The kind you read about who were involved in similar activities to this nonsense. Every day in the paper, there’s articles of society’s rejects who usually end up in jail for long periods of time only to come out far worse than when they went in and so “the cycle repeats itself over and over again”. Need I say more? But I will because I want to. Just looking at this guy, I see a mentally deranged loser, plain and simple. Only to find out he lives in his van. “He’s a real success!” And the funniest part of this is he was supporting Trump who could care less if this guy fell into a meat grinder.  The problem with this country is that it’s filled wit stupid, illiterate, consumers whose sole purpose is to simply consume food, cigarettes, alcohol, and other low end products that make rich people rich and poor people stupider and poorer. This guy was clearly one of them. It does make for good comedy. Thank you for reading! And may the force be with you!

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